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 Change log 8/18/16

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Change log 8/18/16 Empty
PostSubject: Change log 8/18/16   Change log 8/18/16 Icon_minitimeThu Aug 18, 2016 7:13 pm

If you are curious as to what changes have been made to the clan, search no further! 

Here's our 8/18/16 change log:

  • Added autoplay song! Activate it by visiting main forum page or the portal.
  • Added Mentioning system, you can notify other members when you reply. Ex: @ZoogieFlames will notify me.
  • Added 2 new skins, "Zoogie Heaven" and "Funky Zoogie".

Small, but nice changes for those who have remained loyal to us over the last few years! Smile
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Change log 8/18/16 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Change log 8/18/16   Change log 8/18/16 Icon_minitimeTue Apr 11, 2017 7:39 pm

The music player is neat but seems oddly glitchy, just like the word counter. Thanks to the music player you can hardly reload a page without being sent to some random page on the forum. Still, it's worth having I guess, since it does server its purpose, unlike the word counter, which seriously needs to be removed.

The skins are pretty swag though and the mentioning system seems pretty decent. Hope it actually functions.
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Change log 8/18/16
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